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Multifunctional 4 Way Lady Shaver


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A multifunctional 4-way lady shaver refers to a versatile grooming tool designed specifically for women's hair removal needs. Here's an overview:

Multifunctional 4-Way Lady Shaver:

  • Multiple Grooming Functions: Offers multiple grooming capabilities in one device, typically including four different functions for various hair removal needs.
  • Shaving Heads: Equipped with interchangeable shaving heads or attachments to cater to different areas of the body, such as the legs, underarms, bikini area, and facial hair.
  • Trimmer Attachments: Includes trimmer attachments for precise trimming of delicate areas or for achieving varying hair lengths.
  • Exfoliation Feature: Some models may have exfoliation attachments or features designed to gently remove dead skin cells while shaving, promoting smoother skin.
  • Wet and Dry Use: Many models are suitable for both wet and dry use, allowing for use in the shower or with shaving creams/gels for added comfort and smoothness.
  • Rechargeable and Cordless: Powered by a rechargeable battery for cordless operation, providing flexibility and convenience during use.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed to be lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to handle, ensuring comfortable and precise grooming experiences.
  • Benefits: Offers the convenience of a versatile grooming tool, reducing the need for multiple devices for different areas of the body.

How to Use:

  • Choose Attachment: Select the appropriate shaving or trimming attachment based on the area you want to groom.
  • Preparation: If using in the shower, wet the skin. Apply shaving cream or gel if desired for smoother shaving.
  • Turn On and Use: Turn on the device and gently move it against the skin, following the direction of hair growth. Use gentle, circular or straight motions for effective hair removal.
  • Rinse or Clean: Rinse the shaving heads or attachments after use to remove hair and debris. Follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions for proper maintenance.
  • Recharge: Charge the device as needed to ensure it's ready for the next use.


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I don't have received my order yet so I could not give feedback regarding product while delivery service is pathetic. Riders are not willing to deliver the product on provided address and time.